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Flowpoint Rapid Set Grout


The Game Has Changed

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Discover the ultimate solution for your paving projects with Flowpoint Rapid Set Grout. This high-performance grout allows quick and efficient grouting of natural stone, concrete, and porcelain paving. It ensures a flawless finish that stands the test of time.

Rapid Set Grout sets quickly, enabling foot traffic within one hour and vehicular traffic within 24 hours. This feature makes it ideal for both residential and commercial projects. Whether you’re working on a busy city sidewalk, a residential driveway, or a bustling commercial plaza, Rapid Set Grout delivers speed and efficiency without compromising quality.

Engineered for exceptional strength and durability, this grout withstands extreme weather, heavy loads, and continuous use. Its superior adhesion properties create a strong bond with various paving materials, preventing cracks and movement. Rapid Set Grout also resists freeze-thaw cycles, making it suitable for various climates.

Its versatile and easy-to-use formulation simplifies the grouting process. It reduces labor time and costs. It can be applied to joints from 5mm to 50mm wide, accommodating different paving designs and patterns. Its self-compacting nature ensures that the grout fills all voids, providing a seamless, professional finish every time.

Available in a range of colors to complement your paving materials and design preferences, Rapid Set Grout combines rapid setting, exceptional durability, and ease of use. This helps you achieve beautiful, long-lasting paved surfaces. Enhance your next paving project with the reliability and performance of Rapid Set Grout. Experience the difference of a truly superior product.

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